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Pwotests an Udder Sukcessful Akshuns


EVERYbunny is entitled to da following RIGHTS.

1. Respeck. Everybunny deserbs to be respected just because we're us. Alla us are diff'rent. Alla us are special cos we're diff'rent. Alla us togedder make a werld.

2. Diggit'ty. We are Lagomorphs. We are all cute bud not allus cuddly. We are ourselfs wif our own culture, our own values an our own 'pinions. Remember the rabbits of "Watership Down". Remember the rabbit in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". We are not to be taken lightly.

Every housebunny is entitled to the following:
1. A clean and proper home indoors
2. Akcess to clean water
3. Akcess to quality food (especially salads!)
4. Akcess to a 'puter anna WerldWideWeb
5. Akcess to verterinary care
6. Akcess to proper playtime an toys
7. TREATS - TREATS - TREATS and more TREATS (an whut one bunny inna houz is gibben, ebbery bunny gets!! We are FAIR!)

Along wif da General Statements made here, there are also DA ROOLZ which govern specific events. They are listed as follows:


Recognizing that the above are necessary evils, RIFRAF has established da following ROOLZ:

1. TREATS WILL BE GIVEN for all good behaviour at the accepted rate of ONE (1) TREAT of the bunny's choice per HOUR of "away-frum-home" time.
2. Favourite salads, foods, toys, blankies, beds, and other comfort needs will accompany bunny on any/every such excursions.
3. Bunny will go only to bunny-savvy veterinarians or bunny-reccommended care facilities! Only bunny-savvy care-givers will be permitted to attend bunnies!
4. Bunny-parents must be anxiety-stricken at all times when away from their bunnies!

A Note on "TREATS"

TREATS as defined by RIFRAF include, but are not limited to,:

*fruit (banana, apricots, pineapple, blueberries, etc.)
*select herbs (cilantro, dill, mint)
*carrots (dried or fresh)
*Craisins (or similar dried, sweetened cranberry)
*whole oats
*pumpkin/strained baby fruits, veggies
*cookie/cracker/biscuit/breakfast cereals
*papaya tablets
*dandelion flowers
*cranberry or blueberry extract tablets + Vitamin C

Because of the high sugar content in most ob dees fings, bunnies are limited (by ebil V-E-Ts) in their consumption of TREATS. Therefore, RIFRAF has established a


1 Craisin = 1 raisin = 1" slice of banana = one corner of a cracker = 1 Froot Loop brand breakfast cereal = 1 tsp. of baby strained pumpkin = 1 tsp. of yogurt = 1 papaya tablet

Hazel Best (Chawta Member) in costume.


In general, bunnies don't like butt-baths or nail trims, but RIFRAF recognises that there are times when our bunny-parents do these unpleasant tasks for "our own good". THEREFORE it has been established that the following ROOLZ shall be enforced:

1. ONE (1) TREAT of the bunny's choosing shall be given for every ONE (1) second (unit of time) that said bunny has held still for the selected treatment.
2. In the case of nail-trims, ONE (1) TREAT shall be given for every single nail trimmed.
3. BUTT-PLUCKING shall include any/all brushing, combing AND pulling of fur/fluff from any part of da bunny-body.
4. Earned treats need NOT be given at one time and MAY BE spread over NO MORE than a FOUR (4) day period in ADDITION but NOT REPLACING any/all regular treats.

Ashy Tyler (Chawta Member) enjoying dandelions.

Jackie Barr (Chawta Member) in Blue